Why This Site?

One day, I saw a Sensa commercial on TV so I decided to look into these “miracle sprinkles” to see what I could find out.

sensa-miracleIt just seemed so hard to believe that all one has to do is shake a little “fairy dust” on their food and they will magically lose all the weight they want.

But hey, what do I know – Sensa might actually work, right?

What started out as a random trip around the internet looking for any info that appeared genuine, turned into a large collection of reviews and consumer feedback.

Instead of keeping all that info to myself, I figured I’d collect it all here in one place in hopes it will help someone else find the info about Sensa they need WITHOUT having to go all over the ‘net like I did.

The hardest part of collecting all this info about Sensa is trying to find places talking about it and NOT trying to sell you something.

It’s all too common to find a site that says, “Oh wow, Sensa is awesome!” – only to find they are trying to sell you Sensa and make a commission (and they have never used it).

Or, you find sites that say, “Sensa is a scam!” – only to realize they are trying to sell you THEIR “magic potion” or weight loss trick-of-the-week. (and again, they’ve never used it either).

It became highly frustrating for me, but slowly, I have been able to uncover some genuine information about Sensa and share my finds with you here on this site.

I’m not a doctor or anything like that.  I also don’t use Sensa – I’m still undecided how I feel about it…and the more I learn, the more I’m thinking “nah…maybe not”.

However, the jury is still out until I feel I have read and learned all I need to make an educated and informed decision.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope the info here helps YOU in your weight loss journey and in making a decision about Sensa that is right for you.

Here are answers to many common questions about Sensa.

Here Sensa is compared to other popular weight loss supplements.



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