What About Sensa Quench – Does it Work?

Sensa also has a drink mix available that’s supposed to be really good (tho the reviews are very mixed).  Basically, it comes in little tubes of powder that you open and mix one packet into a bottle of water – then after shaking it up, you drink it.

There are a lot of diet drink mixes out there – what makes Sensa Quench so special (or is not special at all)?

Sensa Quench Ingredients

These Sensa drink mix packets come in many flavors and have various vitamins in them as well as Green Tea.  The vitamins include Vitamin A, C, D, B6, and B12.

What Does Sensa Quench Do?

Sensa Quench is a powder that you add to a bottle of water, shake it well, and then drink it.  It is supposed to boost energy, control your appetite and increase your metabolism.  They say it is “clinically proven to help you feel energized and increase metabolism”.

You are supposed to drink 2 of these per day.

Sensa Quench Flavors

Quench comes is available in the following flavors:

  • Orange Crush
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Tropical Breeze

SENSA Quench
Pink Grapefruit
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SENSA Quench
Tropical Breeze
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SENSA Quench
Orange Crush
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Does Quench Really Work?

As I said earlier, the feedback from those using these Quench packets is really mixed.  That makes it hard to say whether it really works or not.

Those that like it and claim it works say that it does give a nice boost of energy without getting that jittery feeling that coffee/caffeine can cause.  They also say that it does a decent job of helping to control their appetite and cravings during the day.

Other reviews say it really does nothing for them at all.  They say that the only reason this drink mix might make you feel full is because you just drank a ton of water.

Drinking water is FAR from a “new concept” when it comes to losing weight.

How does it taste?  This runner claims she likes the taste of this Sensa drink mix – others don’t

The part I really like about it is the vitamins in it.  B vitamins are always good for energy and they help me much better than coffee does (and I’m a big coffee fan…lol!).

So, does it really work to help lose weight?  Not really sure about that part.  But does it work to help boost energy and keep me from drinking OTHER things that aren’t so good for me?

Yep, sure does.

Sensa Quench Reviews



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