Sensa Chews – Do They Work?

sensa chewsThe newest addition in the Sensa weight loss products are the Sensa Chews.  These are basically flavored bite-sized chews that you eat when you feel the need to snack in-between meals.

Yep, they are appetite suppressants…well, Sensa calls them Appetite Control Chews  ;)

I went wandering around the internet to see what I could find out about these.  Below are the questions I had as well as the answers I found.

 SENSA Chews
Chocolate Fudge
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 SENSA Chews
Berry Burst
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60 Appetite Control Chews
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Sensa Chews Flavors

They come in fruit flavors as well as in Chocolate fudge flavor.  Chocolate appears to be the favorite among consumers which I can totally understand – if I am in a “gotta snack” mode, no little piece of fruit anything is gonna get me past it.  Chocolate would satisfy my sweet tooth and hopefully, let me move past that moment without actually eating anything sweet and full of calories.

People say that the chocolate Sensa chews taste very similar to a little Tootsie Roll. Not as sweet…and not as much like candy, but close enough to be tolerable AND not be TOO good and cause you want to eat the whole bag.

What’s IN Sensa Chews?

Basically, Sensa Chews are flavor, fiber, and anti-oxidants.  They are sugar-free and are designed to make you feel full (hence, all the fiber in them).

Here is a picture of the back of a Sensa Chews package that shows all the ingredients.

Just click the picture to see it up close to make it easier to read.

sensa chews ingredients

How To Use Sensa Chews

When you feel the urge to snack between meals, you are supposed to chew one or 2 of these flavored chews.

But here’s the REALLY important part – you MUST drink a good bit of water with them.  One reason is because the water is what expands the fiber to make you feel full, but the other reason is… get this – a CHOKING HAZARD!

Sensa Chews WARNING

Yes, there is a choking hazard warning right on the package:

“Taking this product without adequate fluid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause choking. Do not take this product if you have difficulty in swallowing. If you experience chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty in swallowing or breathing after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention.”


Here it is, right at the bottom of the back of the package (click picture to see close up):

sensa chews choking warning

That, right there, freaks me out a little bit!  If you don’t chew it really well and wash it down with a LOT of water, the chews will expand in your throat…. ugh!

Also makes me think there needs to be a “keep out of reach of children” on this as well.  They LOOK like candy so I would think kids could hurt themselves with these, don’t you?

Anyway – that part is really important – be sure to drink lots of water with them.

How Do Sensa Chews Work?

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of fiber in these weight loss chews, so when you eat them and then drink water, the fiber expands in your stomach and gives you that feeling of being full.

Do Sensa Chews Work?

From all the reviews and user feedback I’ve read about these chews, yeah, they seem to do the trick to help people past the urge to snack and past that “gotta have something bad for me” moments that happen throughout the day.

Keep in mind that these chews are only PART of a weight loss plan and are not a complete solution to weight loss.

Side Effects of Sensa Chews

The main possible side effect would be due to all the fiber in them.  If you have issues taking fiber, it’s very possible you will have those same side effects with Sensa Chews.

Also, there are warnings for those with nut and/or soy allergies so be sure to read the package before taking.

Sensa Chews – Reviews

Here are little snippets of reviews and consumer feedback I have found:

“OVERALL: I believe these work incredibly well as bite-sized appetite-controlling goodies. The taste isn’t great, but that’s GOOD! You don’t want to eat these like their candy, they’re more for hunger emergencies. Personally I wouldn’t pay the current price, but hey, if you’re dedicated to losing weight, I would spring for a bag to see if they work. It may be worth it!” read this full review here



- I find that they really do satisfy the 10 am and 3 pm hunger pangs
- Low calorie (15/chew)


- I really didn’t enjoy this taste so much. It’s a bit chalky and the chocolate flavor is very different, not what you’d think when you read “chocolate fudge.”" read this full review here


“Do they Work?
I get the three o’clock munchies at work, so I’ve been using these instead of hitting the snack machines downstairs. At only 15 calories and .5 grams of fat and sugar-free, these are a better snack option. I find them very filling with no (ahem) unpleasant bodily side effects.” read this full review here

Complaints about Sensa Chews

Bottom line, the biggest complaints seem to be a) the price and b) the taste (not sure why people think weight loss supplements should taste AWESOME and like candy, but hey, it’s their opinion, right?)

Read all consumer reviews I read here

Will *I* use these Sensa Chews?

Bottom line for me – No, I won’t be using any Sensa products. I am going to stick with this weight loss supplement that Dr Oz recommends AND he has tested extensively.

I am still looking for more information to decide if Sensa really works. If anyone has any personal feedback, please let me know.

Compare Sensa to other weight loss supplements here (great article I found).


 SENSA Chews Chocolate FudgeRead Reviews Here SENSA Chews Berry BurstRead Reviews Here SENSA CHEWS, 60 Appetite Control ChewsRead Reviews Here





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